T3xxAuto Main Accessories


T300Auto - T350Auto Mirrored Version

This is the “mirrored” version of the standard machine. This version is used to connect two saws together to simultaneously feed one automated frame assembly machine.


Horizontal hopper

Minimum length of moulding 1500 mm (59”)

Maximum length of moulding 3000mm (118”)

2 motorized transport belts to support the mouldings

Optional 3rd transport belt available to extend the moulding length +1000mm (39”) each


Vertical hopper

Minimum length of moulding 1500 mm (59”)

Maximum length of moulding 3000mm (118”)


Optional: Vertical magazine extensions +1000mm (39”) each


Paper wrap molding bed-cutting bench

Specially modified working Bench to improve the quality for paper wrapped moldings cuts


Servo Driven Blade Descent Option

This option increases production quality and average output may vary to air flow variations. It saves air consumption, up to 85% since it uses a servo drive system instead of a pneumatic cylinder that require 11 kW compressor to execute the vertical movement of the blades.


Blade rotation tuning system

This option allows you to adjust the blade rotation speed, also independently left and right, to increase the cut quality.


Extracting clamp Option

This option is mounted after the cutting system on the exhaust side. It reduces the end cut length and facilitates removing the short cuts. It exists servo-driven version.


3 ways splitter belt with photocell

1300 mm belt with pneumatic system to select and divide out the cut pieces


Push out device

Device that pushes selected size length cut pieces on an exhausting conveyor


Exhaust Conveyor

Exhaust conveyor that forwards the cut pieces toward the handling area