It is a “Special Combination” of three components:

  • the manual Double Mitre Saw T2400 or T2450
  • the power kit addition
  • the AutoGauge.

This edition is specially equipped with several add-ins that brings the combination close to an automated saw machine except the price.

Although it is a pneumatic-based machine, additions and improvements make it a very powerful and versatile machine.

The machine set, is specially equipped with:

  • variable blades descent speed that, according to the programmed molding characteristics, adapts the descent speed (four different speeds) of the 400mm (T2400) or 450mm (T2450) blades cutting group to give the best cut quality;
  • servo driven protection shield that moves up and down according to the programmed moulding size
  • left side width measurement device to calculate the proper internal frame dimension during the work cycle
  • a robust servo driven arm that gives precises cutting positions.
  • a 12” touch panel PC equipped with simple intuitive customized software that is Windows™ based.
  • Able to memorizes countless working cycles;
  • USB ports for backup/restore and BarCodes operations;
  • Lan port and WiFi to connect the machine to your company’s network.
  • Lan port to connected machine to company network.


AutoGauge is available in 1800mm / 2400mm / 3000mm length versions.

Options available:

  • Custom Integration with customer-based applications.
  • Bar code scanner for a quick program selection.