Automatic cutting system

  • Two saw blades (fixed at 45° angle) vertical drop technology cutting system
  • Vertical and horizontal clamp that hold the moulding during the cut giving high precision and clean angle
  • Made up by an automatic programmable cycle with automatic feeding system through PLC with controlled servo driven motorized carriage on gripper (PANASONIC/MITSUBISHI)
  • Completed by a vertical or horizontal hopper feeder
  • The feeder, in automatic cycle with the mitre saw, feeds the machine continuously in hide time (1 operator can run up to 3 machines in production - if equipped by vertical hopper)
  • Different optional unloading belt can be connected at the output as:

    an optional unloading belt pushes the cut pieces into a work bin.

    an optional collecting conveyor, moves the cut pieces to the joining area.

  • SMC pneumatic valves system


Control Unit

  • 12” colour touch screen PC Windows ™
  • 3 RS 232 serial ports, 4 USB ports
  • RJ45 net port (WiFi option available)
  • Removable CF card (easy restart/replace)
  • Remote service (optional) through LAN connection
  • PANASONIC/MITSUBISHI PLC and motion control



  • A very simple graphical interface permits the operator to program the work cycles. There are several different access levels that are password protected. It is Multilanguage capable including Chinese.
  • The interface shows real time production data.
  • Simple program creation: the operator enters the moulding info including, height, width, and the lengths to be cut. You can use the internal or external length when programming.
  • Different optimized cutting, partial or by stick to length with 2 extra size cut per program. Working cycle options:
    • Alternate: cuts a long and short length each cycle to complete the picture frame (x2 option available)
    • Continued: cuts all pieces of one length first and then automatically cuts the pieces of the second length, also a third length if needed
    • Custom: any sequence of various lengths can be programmed by the operator
    • Cutting list: possibility to set more programs lines, with length and quantity of pieces

                             Unlimited program storage capacity

                             USB back up

                             Programmable trim-cut setting

                             You can use the PC when the machine is working


Production capacity

Production capacity may vary according to different specifics like:

  • Length of cut
  • Length of moulding at in-feed
  • Type of moulding material and finishing used

Estimated Production Capacity

Moulding In-feed length

Frame dimension mm/(in)

Nr. Pieces / hour

2000mm (79”)

130 x 180 (5.1” x 7”)


180 x 240 (7” x 9.4”)


240 x 300 (9.4” x 11.8”)


350 x 500 (13.7” x 19.6”)


3000mm (118”)

130 x 180 (5.1” x 7”)


180 x 240 (7” x 9.4”)


240 x 300 (9.4” x 11.8”)


350 x 500 (13.7” x 19.6”)


3500mm (138”)

130 x 180(5.1” x 7”)


180 x 240 (7” x 9.4”)


240 x 300 (9.4” x 11.8”)


350 x 500 (13.7” x 19.6”)



Sample Layouts

A         Horizontal Magazine

B         T300/T350 Automatica

C          Splitter Conveyor



A         Vertical Magazine with optional “Vertical magazine extension +1000mm”

B         T300/T350 Automatica

C          Splitter Conveyor