Tab Robot

Available in two main version, our “Tab Robot” machine is the “state of the art” technology for automated insertion of flexible tabs into picture frames. They have the widest capability in the industry and have already proven themselves in a number of plants worldwide.

They are computer controlled and can be operated as a standalone unit or as part of a fully integrated production line.

The “TabMachine” with a maximum of 22 frames per minute, will have a significant impact on your production needs immediately. It has also been designed with the future in mind. As the need for flexibility increases, this machine will facilitate shorter production runs, lower inventories, and frame production matching your actual customer orders!

The “HST” or “High Speed Tabby” is the high speed version of the Tab Robot. With a productivity rate up to 40 frames per minute, it is the most reliable & efficient tool to anyone challenged by huge production requirements!



The Robot is complete with:

  • A Personal Computer equipped with custom software to program the tabs precise position while the frames move inline along its conveyor.
  • All five axis are controlled by servo drives using brushless motors.
  • Modified pneumatic OMER gun (or equivalent).
  • Automatic reloading of the gun; ten strips per reload magazine
  • WINDOWS™ based TABMACHINE software provides a very simple and intuitive way to program and backup the machines programs.
  • Mechanical adjustment of the frame guide rails, frame hold down springs, gun, and tab reload magazine height.



The HST is a machine composed of three modular inline sections. The first module inserts tabs in the short side of the frame, the second module rotates the frames 90⁰, and the third module inserts tabs in the long side of the frame. The computerized control system allows a very simple way to program the work cycles. Once you select a program, the machines changeover is performed automatically. All axis of the machine are servo driven, therefore only minimal assistance is needed. The frame rotation module is equipped with several belts with independent speed (by servo motors) that precisely rotates frames of various sizes.The custom WINDOWS™ based software is extremely easy to use and it can be connected to a barcode scanner. The user created programs are protected by a password and several user levels can be set. There is almost an unlimited capacity of programs that can be stored in the PC.


HST + TabMachine

Two machines in one: the first machine is a HST tab insertion module used to insert tabs on the frames long side; the second machine is the TabMachine which inserts the flexible tabs on the other two sides.


Inserts tabs while the frames are moving inline on its conveyor. Highly advanced control system with a simple user interface. Changeover and tab reloading is performed automatically in background. All axes are servo driven. Minimal assistance is