The special steel “A+” wedges have been designed to improve the quality of the mitre joint.

 Its special design allows to get perfectly closed corners. The very high-quality steel along with the special silicon (lubricant effect for a smoother penetration) we’ve selected in many years of experience, make our wedges the best choice in terms of quality available on the market.

They are manufactured in two main types:

Type 11.0 – A-Plus Assembling machines and Minigraf

Type 10.3 – Universal

 The “A+” wedges, due to their specific design ensures only perfect corners!


Data Sheet

Altezza / Sizes:                      H 05, 07, 10, 12, 15mm

Materiali / Materials:          Legno / Wood, Plastica / Plastic, MDF

Codice colori / Color codes:   Rosso / Red      Materiali duri / Hard materials

                                              Grigio / Grey   Materiali medi / Medium materials

                                              Verde / Green                  Materiali teneri / Soft materials

Confezionamento / Packing:

H 05mm                                 5.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 4.000.000 pcs./pallet

H 07mm                                 4.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 3.200.000 pcs./pallet

H 10mm/12mm                     3.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 2.400.000 pcs./pallet

H 15mm                                 2.000pcs/box - 20 boxes/carton - 1.600.000 pcs./pallet